I was tasked with finding a guest speaker for our Safety Stand Down events (Rail). I have seen/meet a few Guest Speakers over the years and never ‘warmed’ to any of them (despite protestations from others) and have mainly come away disappointed. So, it was with a begrudged & unenthused heart that I sought out James, I even had a ‘Plan B’ pretty much detailed and planned – ready to sell to the wider organising team. After I had sent an enquiry via the website I received a personal call from James himself…Is very soon became apparent that James was different! It was only a brief chat but i knew we needed him at our days – a swift turnaround on my part! Now post event(s) I can safely say that James was even better than I thought he would be after that quick call… I have given up asking the 200 delegates for feedback as I know what they will say; without a moment of hesitation – ‘James Gorry. I was fortunate enough to listen to James two days in a row and the second time I was as much in awe as I was the first.
The whole room was transfixed, glued to the front of the room , fidget-free and silent. There was laughter, astonishment, groans… But he had everyone’s full, whole-hearted attention in the room. Everyone of them will tell you he has inspired them or motivated them in some way.
The best part for me; as organiser, was how James arrived early, took time for introductions and for two days was part of our team; one of us.It takes a special person to fit in effortlessly. It was a true honour and I challenge anyone who has listened to James to say that they have not paused since to evaluate something based on his words…Wonderful. What an amazing gentleman with a very unfortunate story to tell. Keep spreading the word James. It is beyond powerful…

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