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This presentation is for anyone and everyone. Not only is it ideal for those who have direct responsibility for integrating Health and Safety best practices into management structures, but as occupational health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, employees at all levels will benefit from this presentation. Best practices in health and safety is not just a legal responsibility through the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, it is also an ethical and moral obligation.

Construction Industry

To get the message across to all workers on site of how important
it is to fully understand the health & safety regulations in this work place.


It is also for all workers in this area to fully understand the danger of
working with machinery and electricity.

Manufacturing and production

It’s also for all workers in this area to be aware of their
responsibilities to there fellow workers.

Insurance companies

It will also make insurance companies stress to people the importance
of having the proper insurance with reliable insurance companies for their work. And to make their
employees understand all about the importance of health & safety.

My clients


Johnson & Johnson

Thank you for 6 amazing talks here in our Vision care site. The feedback has been phenomenal to say in the least and your story really seems to have resonated with people and got into their hearts and minds. Your messaging has made a difference and we are very grateful for that.

Martin O Flynn, SEHS Advisor GSK Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork

James Gorry’s presentations were excellent and left a lasting impact on the personnel that attended. James spoke about the difficulties and adjustment required to his personal life after his accident which really sent a message to site personnel about the need to maintain a focus on safety in the workplace. I would certainly recommend James’s presentation to other clients.


I’d like to thank you for your powerful keynote speech at our annual Safety, Health & Wellbeing Conference in Dublin this week.
You are a genuine inspirational speaker, who reached every single person in the room. In sharing your personal experience you covered a broad range of key safety messages and delivered these fluently. It was amazing to hear you talk about a very serious subject and expertly transition back and forth between solemnness and humour, which served to emphasis your sincerity while enhancing the overall experience for the delegates. In the days leading up to the conference date, we discussed the themes of the day and I asked if you could incorporate these where appropriate in to your speech. You did this perfectly and the standing ovation you received at the end speaks volumes.
You are undoubtedly saving lives every time you speak to people about safety at work and I wish you all the best.

Nick Sides, Alliance Manager London Gas Alliance

Each year we put our Construction workforce through a “Stop 4 Safety Day” involving a variety of sessions. Jim recently ran one of these sessions sharing with the group details of his accident, injuries, how his life has changed and his personal views on safety at work. It was without doubt the most powerful session we have done in 6 years and the feedback from the workforce was emotional but extremely positive, I’m convinced it will change the behaviour of the workforce and improve the safety within a large manual workforce population.

Dornan Engineering

We had the pleasure of hosting James Gorry on our Project in Sweden, James delivered a powerful presentation to our site workers highlighting the hard hitting reality of how a life changing injury can completely alter even the simple things we take for granted on a daily basis.

Michelle Gard – Rail

I was tasked with finding a guest speaker for our Safety Stand Down events (Rail). I have seen/meet a few Guest Speakers over the years and never ‘warmed’ to any of them (despite protestations from others) and have mainly come away disappointed. So, it was with a begrudged & unenthused heart that I sought out James, I even had a ‘Plan B’ pretty much detailed and planned – ready to sell to the wider organising team. After I had sent an enquiry via the website I received a personal call from James himself…Is very soon became apparent that James was different! It was only a brief chat but i knew we needed him at our days – a swift turnaround on my part! Now post event(s) I can safely say that James was even better than I thought he would be after that quick call… I have given up asking the 200 delegates for feedback as I know what they will say; without a moment of hesitation – ‘James Gorry. I was fortunate enough to listen to James two days in a row and the second time I was as much in awe as I was the first.
The whole room was transfixed, glued to the front of the room , fidget-free and silent. There was laughter, astonishment, groans… But he had everyone’s full, whole-hearted attention in the room. Everyone of them will tell you he has inspired them or motivated them in some way.
The best part for me; as organiser, was how James arrived early, took time for introductions and for two days was part of our team; one of us.It takes a special person to fit in effortlessly. It was a true honour and I challenge anyone who has listened to James to say that they have not paused since to evaluate something based on his words…Wonderful. What an amazing gentleman with a very unfortunate story to tell. Keep spreading the word James. It is beyond powerful…

Drilling And Pumping Supplies

Terric turnout for our company overview and H&S workshop at Clandeboye Golf Club today. David Jamshidi, Gareth Wilson, Austin Kennedy, Shaun Stevens & Group Contracts Director John Lynch all addressed the team & consulting partners – outlining the company’s growth, vision, strategy and our Group H&S culture. Showcasing our new DPS H&S animations also & looking forward to hearing James Gorry’s hard hitting personal story of his own unfortunate incident to really reinforce the message.#ThinkSafeWorkSafeBeSafe

Suir Engineering

Many thanks to James Gorry who delivered a heartfelt and motivational health & safety talk to our staff on the Shire Project today. James lost the use of his legs in a workplace accident in 2005
He passed on his message of awareness and vigilance to the risk and repercussions of accidents in the workplace which was very well receive by all today.

Drilling And Pumping Supplies

Our second toolbox video from our H&S session last Friday.
You know the message is getting through when the site crew are still discussing the impact made by James Gorry on Friday. Fantastic speaker delivering the message. Think safe. Work safe. Home safe.


GRAHAM have been aware of and utilised the services of James for a number of years now, and have always found him to be engaging, inspiring, frank, and impassioned.
His drive in sharing his story to prevent others suffering a similar injury is highly commendable.
His most recent keynote talk to our entire Interior Fit-Out Division hit home to every single person in the room, and there is no doubt it will encourage an even greater attention on safety as we continue our drive towards eliminating harm.

Jimmy Savage, EHS Manager, Winthrop Engineering Ltd.

The most powerful speaker and presentation I have ever seen, his communication technique is extremely simple and it is ‘from the heart’. I attended both the morning and evening presentation and was equally enthralled by his presentation due to the reality of his situation.
Through James’s presentation he is able transport his audience to the place and moment of his accident and the after events particularly when he was in hospital, in physiotherapy and his life on getting out of hospital including the impact of the accident to everyone around him including his close family.
James speaks candidly about his accident, his thoughts, his actions on the day and his in-actions on the day and what could have prevented the accident. He does a fantastic job with simple interaction practices and engages all that listen to him through an ‘open forum’ presentation that allows those persons attending to ask and answer questions.


We had the pleasure of hosting James Gorry on our Project in Sweden, James delivered a powerful presentation to our site workers highlighting the hard hitting reality of how a life changing injury can completely alter even the simple things we take for granted on a daily basis.
Many of the workforce required translators for their native language and having James there in person you could see the message was not lost on them. James is a down to earth guy and had great patience allowing our translators communicate his story, it was certainly a great asset to have on any project to help bring the safety culture to another level. Regardless of our background, job or work environment we can all take inspiration from James and his experiences.


Listening to James presentation on health and safety was certainly a thought provoking worthwhile experience for all personnel on the East Anglia One Project. Often we attend health and safety conferences and presentations which fall into the mundane, however I can confirm few came close to the level of insight which he holds on the matter. Providing information to us in a personnel, intimate manor not only highlighted the importance of health and safety to us but also struck a chord with us in that we could see that James was indeed just a normal worker like any of us whose life changed as a result of a work place accident. As he says himself “One person injured at work is too many.

Jenny Shanahan, EHS Officer, Winthrop Engineering Ltd.

I thought James’s presentation was very hard-hitting, yet not so sensationalist as to make it unrealistic for the lads on the ground. Speaking with many of our employees after the presentation, they were questioning why he made the choice to take the risk on the roof that day. The very fact they are thinking and talking about this means that they will second guess their own choices, if there is an element of risk in them. I think James’s experience will be there in the back of their mind for a very long time.

Tommy Jones, Mechanical Supervisor, Winthrop Engineering Ltd.

As a company we complete weekly (and more often if required) safety talks, tool box talks, we stand site personnel down on sites, we take disciplinary action and yet we still encounter on-going problems with health & safety breaches. From myself and after speaking to some of our site personnel listening to James’s story how his life and the life of his family changed for ever is both sobering and drives home why health & safety rules and regulations exist. I would like to think that there will be an improved awareness of the severity of what we do on a daily basis as going to work one morning and never coming home the same again is life changing.
James did drill home the real message on how important health and safety is and one mistake or taking that chance can change your life for ever.

Fiona Cregan, Head Of Health Safety & Environment

James Gorry attended the eir Networks Safety Conference on Friday 09th October 2015. James spoke with absolute honesty & clarity about the consequences of his life-changing accident for himself and his family. James’s story had a powerful impact on our audience of over 200 eir frontline managers and now they have a renewed appetite for making the right choices about safety for themselves and their team.

John Sisk & Son Ltd, Ken Aherne Regional Director

We recently presented a “Townhall” style meeting to the entire workforce of the Mate Hospital Construction site, to mark the achievement of 1.000.000 accident free man-hours on the site. At the conclusion of that occasion we asked James Gorry to present and describe the devastating consequences of his workplace accident to those present.

Mike McCartney, Project Construction HSE Manager

James speaks with a natural charisma about his accident, the things that could have prevented it and the very real and ongoing consequences of the injuries he suffered. Over a number of days, approximately 800 of our workforce experienced Jame’s talk and were strongly influenced by his story. I would highly recommend James as a motivational safety speaker to any company wishing to promote safety awareness within their supervision and workforce.

Mike Mann SVP, Global HSSEQ For Stork Technical Services

James Gorry was keynote speaker at our global annual safety awards and his presentation was powerful and heartfelt. He captivated the audience with his personal story of what it’s like to live with the outcomes of a preventable industrial incident each and every day. As a company, safety is our priority and I have no doubt that it had a lasting impact on everyone in the room. I would have no hesitation recommending James as an excellent safety speaker.

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