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"It Took James 3 Seconds To Fall 26 Feet"

I began my career in the workshop of Butler’s Engineering, Portarlington and started my training as a welder / fabricator. Having completed my trade in 1980, I began working on various sites carrying out site repairs, welding / fabrication and steel fabrication and worked at that for two years building up my skills and experience.

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Keynote and Motivational Speaker

James’s ability to truly capture an audiences attention through his personal experiences quickly established him as a highly effective and sought after presenter.

High-Impact Presentations

No matter what industry you operate in, motivated leaders and employees are a critical part of a successful team. Ideally a well defined management system and job description

Health & Safety Advocate

Health and Safety Presentations is all about rules, regulations and statistics, but when you see my statistics you will be able to see the need for Health and Safety.

James gorry keynote & motivational speaker

"James’s ability to truly capture an audiences attention through his personal experiences quickly established him as a highly effective and sought after presenter."

Health and Safety speaker

What They Say

James’s story is truly remarkable, his challenges on dealing with both physical and mental fitness post incident is truly humbling but inspirational. James delivers the impact that is needed to RESET any team to try and combat complacency and instil a sense of chronic unease.

Chris Abbey

We spent a morning listening to James' story and had a chat after. A gentleman to deal with, very interesting man and kept the group well engaged. His story is a great example of how important health and safety is and how badly things can go. I look forward to meeting James again.

Kevin Cosgrove

James Gorry’s presentations were excellent and left a lasting impact on the personnel that attended. James spoke about the difficulties and adjustment required to his personal life after his accident which really sent a message to site personnel about the need to maintain a focus on safety in the workplace. I would certainly recommend James’s presentation to other clients.


James came to our senior management event in Feb 2019 and gave us a very hard hitting message about safety, sharing his own story. He is a brilliant presenter on stage and I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to see first hand at what ignoring safety can lead to. Thank you James and I was humbled to hear that we’re all now your purpose. I wish you all the success in your new career.

Morrison Telecom Services Jack Digweed

Each year we put our Construction workforce through a “Stop 4 Safety Day” involving a variety of sessions. Jim recently ran one of these sessions sharing with the group details of his accident, injuries, how his life has changed and his personal views on safety at work. It was without doubt the most powerful session we have done in 6 years and the feedback from the workforce was emotional but extremely positive, I’m convinced it will change the behaviour of the workforce and improve the safety within a large manual workforce population.


Many thanks to James Gorry who delivered a heartfelt and motivational health & safety talk to our staff on the Shire Project today. James lost the use of his legs in a workplace accident in 2005 He passed on his message of awareness and vigilance to the risk and repercussions of accidents in the workplace which was very well receive by all today.


Review James delivered a compelling and engaging story which resonated with all our construction workers and management. We felt his story has most definitely helped with our continued journey towards a more enhanced safety culture environment thanks to James.


Thank you for 6 amazing talks here in our Vision care site. The feedback has been phenomenal to say in the least and your story really seems to have resonated with people and got into their hearts and minds. Your messaging has made a difference and we are very grateful for that.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Pharmaceutical & Medical device company

James Gorry attended the eir Networks Safety Conference on Friday 09th October 2015. James spoke with absolute honesty & clarity about the consequences of his life-changing accident for himself and his family. James’s story had a powerful impact on our audience of over 200 eir frontline managers and now they have a renewed appetite for making the right choices about safety for themselves and their team.


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